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Getting ready for igloo dining in 2022-2023

Warm weather is approaching its finish line, as we get ready for fall weather, and then eventually winter. This also means that a lot of restaurants are bringing back their igloo dining, and a lot of other restaurants are incorporating igloo dining into their service.

Igloo dining is a service that boomed during the COVID 19 pandemic. Before Covid, it wasn’t really a common practice for restaurants to offer it.

What is igloo dining?

Igloo dining is a dining experience enjoyed in a, well, igloo! This practice is mostly common for larger groups, as a lot of restaurants do charge a booking fee, and then most of the time have a minimum order per igloo. The igloos are most likely situated outside the restaurants, and are heated for winter use. Because it’s an igloo, and it’s outdoors, you can expect to enjoy your meal with a view, be it lake view, mountain view, or even street view.

Picture: Deadwood Bar and Grill, Northville, Michigan

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